A History of Auranticum:

Relating to New Kumsallar and the Guild of the Wavecallers

At the edge of a ruined city in a land fallen mostly into chaos sits a small keep called Tranquil. Perched atop a lonely bluff, it overlooks the western sea. Long ago, it was given as headquarters to an adventuring guild, the Wavecallers.

Keep Tranquil sits at the edge of a sprawling metropolis called Kumsallar, the westernmost settlement in a region called Auranticum. Some years ago, a mysterious cataclysm befell the land, and perhaps the lands beyond as well. When the dust settled only Keep Tranquil and its grounds remained intact and uncorrupted, protected by high walls, strong spells, the deep magic of its foundation, and the valor of the rag-tag Wavecallers.

The Guild saved as many residents of Kumsallar as they could, bringing them behind their walls and offering them protection, and now a crowded town, New Kumsallar, has grown up against the walls of the Keep, providing it with limited goods and markets from which to purchase them. The Guild and its members could have established themselves as rulers over New Kumsallar, but they follow the old ways of the Wavecallers: all may offer missions, but few ever will answer the call. New Kumsallar governs itself, but its gratitude to the Guild knows no bounds.

A new order was founded within, but outside the walls, chaos reigned for a long time. Even now, although the worst of the troubles have passed, many dangers still lurk in the vast ruins of Old Kumsallar and the abandoned wilds of Auranticum beyond.

If the chaos is to be tamed, it will be tamed by the Wavecallers, one job at a time.