In Memory of those Wavecallers who fell in service to New Kumsallar.

Name Date of Death Cause of Death
Varis 9/20/2022 Loved Fire Too Much
Liam Stone 9/07/2022 Eaten Alive in the Desert
Liana 9/15/2022 The Fates' Cruel Whims
Larp 9/20/2022 Zombie Pirates (and Varis' Fire)
Kyle 9/20/2022 Zombie Pirates (and Varis' Fire)
Ulgrecht Adlerauge 10/12/2022 One is the Loneliest Number
Grub! 11/12/2022 Not About That Life (Retired)
Nebula 4/18/2023 Hugged to Death by a Rug
Phengo 10/26/23 Burnt to a crisp.
Crumble 12/07/23 "Eh, you gotta live sometime."